Canadian Handmade Guitars

20 years Experienced Luthier Handcrafting Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars

Guitars Repair & Customization

25+ Years Studying Luthiery Providing: Professional Set Ups, Repairs of All Kinds on all Brands~~~~~ String Replacements, Neck Resets, Headstock Repairs, Pickup Changes and Routing, Custom Inlay Work, Crack Repairs, Truss Rod Adjustment, Acoustic Pickup Installation, Tuner Replacement, Electronics Issues

Professional LIVE Musician With 1200 ! Song Repertiore

Professional Live Musician with 25 Years Experience -Professional Gear - HITS & REQUESTS All Night Long- LIVE & or DJ from 1950'S TO 2020 - SOLO Guitar W/ Vocal + GUITARAOKE (Live Karaoke) WEDDINGS, Birthday Parties 40,50,60,70, 80! Anniversary Parties, Corporate Functions, St.Patrick’s Day, Canada Day Party, Sports Team Party or Year End Banquets, CHRISTMAS PARTIES, BACKYARD PARTIES, COTTAGES, SUPERBOWL! If you have a reason to celebrate, I can bring the music!

Guitaraoke - LIVE KARAOKE

CELEBRATING OUR 3RD SUCCESSFUL YEAR @ Sandbar on the Beach, Turkey Point : ---------------------LIVE KARAOKE with your HOST SHAUN MULRAIN - Come & Sing ALL of your favorites with a LIVE Musician!

When Your Guitar Is More.....Than Your Instrument

I am grateful to share my Passion for Guitars & Music.


I have been Working & Studying diligently:


Building and Repairing guitars for 20+ years 


Teaching Guitar Lessons for 25+ years 


I have PERFORMED OVER 2,500 LIVE PERFORMANCES over 25 + years. 


I am here to help make your life more musical !                                                    

Shaun Mulrain

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