GUITAR REPAIRS from $35 / $75 Bench Hour


I have been building and repairing guitars over 20 years.

I Repair Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars, Archtops, Classicals, Ukuleles and other stringed instruments.

I have repaired ALL of these Popular brands: 

Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Paul Reed Smith, Taylor, Martin, Gretsch, Guild, Seagull, Godin, Simon & Patrick, Norman, Ibanez, Yamaha, Hofner, Kay, Jackson, Rickenbacker, Washburn and many others.

I have passionately studied my trade under the careful guidance of (3) veteran Luthiers, completed 4 Apprenticeships and continue to study and upgrade my skills on a daily basis. I genuinely love what I do!

My Apprenticeship studies to date have been in:

 Acoustic Guitar Building - Set neck and Bolt-on Construction

 Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar Building - Bolt-on, Set neck and Neck-through Construction


I offer everything from: Acoustic guitar builds, Electric  guitar builds, and Bass Builds, to simple repairs, and  Set ups.

 Some of my Repair and Customization Services include:

INLAY from $30

-Marker Dots, Blocks, Custom Design -

Materials: Wood, Metals, Mother of Pearl, L.E.D., Swarovski Crystals


This was a fretted bass that I removed the frets from.
Converting to a Fretless bass is exactly what my customer requested, and he was very happy with the results!

Fret Work -starting at $30

Full Fret Replacements -  Partial Fret Replacements - Fret Levelling

Buzz removal -  Recrowning and Polishing 


Water Slide Decals for Headstocks and Bodies from $50

Pickup Replacements from $50

Electronics Repairs from $35


Custom Painting and Logos - Custom Pickup Switching - Pickup Routing 

 Headstock Resets and Repairs from $140 

Broken Truss Rod Replacements and Truss Rod Adjustments. Even on Rickenbackers!

Custom Replacement Pickup Rings and Pickguards for Vintage Instruments from $70


Floyd Rose Bridge Setups from $75

Archtop Setups and Repair

I have even done:

National Steel and Dobro Resoration and Polishing

Violin Repairs

Mandolin Repairs

I want to build a Personal Relationship with you. 

By learning how and what you play, these details help me provide you with the solutions you are looking for. 

I am here to listen, not to make you feel stupid.

I am here to solve your problem so you can get back to playing. I don't up sell retail parts or have any brand preferences. I am genuinely happy to work on your guitar.

 Speak up. I want to hear what you have to say. I am listening.