Guitar Repair Pricing



Professional Guitar Technician and Luthiery Services:

Basic Restring and Clean.     $35.00 (plus strings)

Minimum Charge                   $35.00

Hourly Bench Rate                $75.00  


Each instrument repair is different and unique. Visual Inspection is required for accurate quoting and there is no inspection fee.

Stringed Instruments Repaired:  Electric, Acoustic, Classical, 12 string, Basses, Arch tops, Ukulele, Sitar 

Strings, parts and other materials are in addition to the Hourly Bench Rate.

A few styles of D'addario Strings are stocked in house, but you also are welcome to bring your own preferred strings. 


Please call Shaun at  519 802 5110 or Email me  at to discuss how I can help,  and set up a drop off time. 

Instrument Repairs and Custom Build Consults are by Appointment only.

Please have your Instruments in a case or gig bag for their protection and storage in the shop.

Re-frets, Head stock Resets, Refinishing, Body cracks, Neck Re sets and Custom Electronics Wiring will be quoted.

I do a full visual inspection of the entire instrument upon drop off. Once I clean your guitar I will let you know by phone of any issues I may have found beyond my preliminary inspection. All work will be verified by you on the phone before proceeding with your repair.

Records are kept of string action height,  bridge and saddle heights, and neck relief as they enter the shop and as they exit.  I will Set up your instruments to a tuned string tension of 440 hz.

I maintain my Setup and Repair environment at 20 - 23 degrees Celsius and 40 - 60% humidity year round which is a happy range for most stringed instruments. I Setup and adjust your instrument in this environment. Please take into consideration how changes in temperature and humidity may affect the playability of your instrument. Excessive heat and cold will affect your instrument. Humidity will also play a role. If you can help it try not to store your instruments in vehicles, un-conditioned garages, and other spaces. 

May I respectfully suggest that when you travel with your instrument by car, plane or other means, that you detune your strings to a slack tension. This will reduce the chance of  damage to headstocks, bridges, bracing or other parts. 

I am here to help.  

For Custom Builds and Large Repairs, I take payments in installments. I am also a Working Musician, I get it. A 50% deposit is required on these types of jobs. When using installments, you can pick up your instrument upon final payment.  

I will, to the best of my ability, have your repair completed by our agreed upon date.  Your patience is appreciated when things like Pandemics and other un for seen things happen. Part Unavailability due to Manufacturing Reductions, International Trade Supply stoppages and International Shipping Issues sometime unfortunately arise. In these instances I will call you to be transparent about your instruments status. When I complete your repair, I will phone you to pickup your completed instrument(s).   

I price fairly for my time, tools and working knowledge to do your job competently. 

Shaun F. Mulrain