Pricing & Policies- Mutually Fair & Straight Forward



"If you think you can't afford a professional, see how much an amateur can cost you"  (Ancient Roofing Proverb)

We believe in:

Simple Transparent Pricing 

Guitar and Stringed Instrument Repair Pricing:

For Guitar work we charge $65 /HOUR. Minimum of 1 HOUR.

After that we charge in additional $15 / 15 minute increments until the job is complete.

This means if you have just a "little repair" on  2-3 instruments, we only bill you the first full hour, and the in 15 minute installments until all the "little things" are fixed! 

We do not restart the clock for each instrument.

This HOURLY BENCHTIME RATE includes: ordering and picking up "your favourite" strings and parts, shipping, gas, prep work, laying out and calculating materials pertinent to your repair, time talking with you about the job in the shop, on the phone, over text, and invoicing. I use a stop watch when working on your instrument, and only count the time working. I do not bill for organizing the shop, cleaning, surfing the net, playing a tune, or talking to other customers. I have worked in customer service repair for over 20 years and respect every person that comes through my door.  

Parts and Materials are additional. Availability may vary depending on your preferences. We have guitar strings in stock. Your favourite guitars strings, brand and gauge may be provided by you, or bench time rate applies.

We quote larger repairs. Re-frets, Head stock resets, Refinishing.

We will let you know by phone of any issues we may have found beyond our preliminary inspection of your instrument. All work will be verified by you before proceeding with your repair. A detailed invoice will be provided following any work done, materials used and your signature to verify satisfaction. All measurements are recorded in our records. Work done by others after leaving Mulrain Guitars will void refund or rework. We are meticulous and take great pride in our work. If it doesn't feel right when you pick it up, we are happy to dial it in to your liking before you leave. We would love to be your guitar guy!

I live to serve and solve problems. I am a nice guy. I am understanding and compassionate to budgets and timelines. Should you need to pay me in instalments, lets work that out upon commissioning repairs. I accept cash, E-transfer, and cashed cheques. You can pick up your instrument upon final payment.  I will have your commissioned repairs completed within 1-2 weeks ( or quoted for larger repairs). Final tuning to personal feel may be required upon pickup which I welcome. When complete I will phone, mail, email, text, and /or Facebook you to pickup your completed instrument(s). Should I attempt to contact you 10 + times or 6 months past completion, (whichever comes first) I  will unfortunately be forced reclaim my shop space, and labour costs. I do not wish to have your instruments damaged in the shop waiting for pickup. Your instrument(s) will be available to the public, for fair market value or the cost of the repair. This is not a practice I prefer to engage in, however you MAY be taking advantage of the situation at this point, and I have bills to pay of my own. This is a last resort which I wish not to engage in, however sometime necessary. This is not personal and I will make every effort to contact you. After 6 months, instalment payments are not an option. Full payment in cash will be required to pickup instruments.


Music Lesson Pricing:

Music lessons are $25 per half hour lesson paid Monthly, first lesson of the month. Multi month payment is also available. Detailed records of lessons given and remaining funds are kept in our records.

Pricing Example -  February 2018 Monday lessons weekly = 4 lessons x $25  (plus HST)

$ 113.00  Paid Monday February 5 by E-transfer / Cheque.  

36 hours notice is required to adjust a scheduled lesson time or date. Inside the 36 hour window of your scheduled lesson funds are non refundable. Missed lessons are non refundable. The simple reason for this measure is that it keeps all parties accountable and respectful of each other time. I cannot schedule another lesson into your time in under 36 hours. There are times I may need to reschedule your lesson. Same rules apply to us. 36 hour + notice we will help to find a mutually agreeable replacement lesson time. Inside the 36 hours window your next lesson in no charge.

Following 2 missed lessons in a month, without reasonable explanation, consideration may be taken to review you commitment to the lessons. Repeated Inadequate practice will also be addressed and reviewed. We love to teach people that love to learn. If this time or fit, we won't take it personally. You are welcome to join us again when things line up!

If you have any questions please Call Shaun 519 802 5110 for clarification 


Live Performance Pricing:

Live performances are built to suit and prices are set for number of sets, equipment required and travel distance.


If you have any questions please Call Shaun 519 802 5110 to book your custom event or party! 

We price fairly all day, everyday, and we always provide more value than billed for.

Thank you to everyone that finds value in our Products and Services.  Thank you for sharing and referring us to your friends and families! YOU make Mulrain Guitars possible.


Please come back again soon, We are always learning and moving the bar higher.

Shaun F. Mulrain