Stringed Instrument Repair Pricing





$ 70.00  HOURLY BENCHTIME RATE* ( minimum 1 hour )

Guitar Repair    Electric, Acoustic, Classical, 12 string, Basses, Arch tops, Hollow bodies

PARTS AND MATERIALS (INCLUDING STRINGS) ARE NOT INCLUDED IN BENCHTIME RATE. THEY ARE ADDITIONAL COST. D'addario Strings stocked in house or you may bring your own prefered strings. If you need me to pick them up, *Benchtime Rate will be charged.


Please request an appointment by Email or leave me a Voicemail which I will respond to as soon as I am available.

1 519 802 5110

Please use these 2 mediums to contact me. Text messages, Messenger, Facebook, and other Social Media outlets slow down my ability to serve you efficiently.

Please leave your Full Name, Phone Number, and Email Address so I can contact you back at my earliest convenience. We will arrange a drop off time / consultation so I can assess your needs promptly and efficiently. If your appointment is for 10 am, please be on time as I WILL have another appointment scheduled at 10:30am.


REPAIRS AND BUILDS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. I work out of my home and schedule my day. 

Intrument repair service is Drop off only. Instruments must be in a case or gig bag for their protection and storage in the shop.

I can quote your repairs IN THE SHOP, which is Free. I cannot quote repairs over Email or the Phone.


I will quote Larger repairs. ie: Re-frets, Head stock resets, Refinishing, Body cracks, Neck Re sets.

I do a visual inspection of the entire instrument upon drop off. Once I clean your guitar I will let you know by phone of any issues I may have found beyond my preliminary inspection of your instrument. All work will be verified by you on the phone before proceeding with your repair. A detailed invoice will be provided following any work done, materials used and your signature to verify satisfaction upon pickup. Records are kept of string action height,  bridge and saddle heights, and neck relief as they enter the shop and how they exit. Work done by others after leaving Mulrain Guitars will void refund or rework. Records are kept all repairs, and of string action height,  bridge and saddle heights, and neck relief as they enter the shop and how they leave. 

ALL Setups include a 30-day warranty. You are welcome to return within 30 days of your signed invoice to make a final adjustment to a Set up. Following visits will be subject to BENCHTIME RATE*.

I maintain my Setup and Repair environment at 21- 23 degrees Celsius and 40 - 60% humidity year round which is an acceptable range for all stringed instrument manufacturers. After leaving my shop I can not responsible for the environment that you play, or store your instruments. Excessive heat and or cold will affect your stringed instruments, as will lack of humidity, too much humidity, storage in vehicles, un-conditioned garages, and other spaces. 

I will Set up your instruments to a tuned string tension of 440 hz.

May I respectfully suggest that when you travel with your instrument by car, plane or other means, that you detune your strings to a slack tension. This will reduce the chance of  damage to headstocks, bridges, bracing or other parts. 

I am here to help.  Should you need to pay me in installments for Large repairs, I will quote your repair.  We will agree on terms and have them written in your quote with repair completion date, detailed payment dates, and 50% up front payment for the repair. Installment Options do not apply to Setups, or other simple repairs like string changes. Payment in full is required upon pickup. If you cannot afford to repair your guitar right now, please bring it to me when you can afford it.

I accept Cash, E-transfer, and Certified cheques. When using installments, you can pick up your instrument upon FINAL PAYMENT.  I will have your repair completed in the timeline we agree upon. When I complete your repair, I will phone you to pickup your completed instrument(s).   

*HOURLY BENCHTIME RATE includes: ordering and picking up "your favourite" strings and parts, shipping, gas, prep work, laying out and calculating materials pertinent to your repair, time talking with you about the job in the shop, on the phone, over email, and invoicing.  I have worked in customer service repair for over 25 years and I give my full attention and respect to every person that comes through my door. Please respect my time. 

I price fairly for my time, knowledge and tools to do your job correctly. 

Shaun F. Mulrain