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I am here to help!

I will listen to you to get you back playing your instrument as EFFICIENTLY as possible. 

It all starts with a friendly Face to Face conversation in our Shop.

This is where we listen, to your repair requests, how the issue may have occurred and your possible solution ideas (part repair or part replacement.) I may be the professional but I still want to hear what you think too. We can learn a lot together in this process about you, you playing, your knowledge and history of your instrument.

I will perform a thorough visual and physical assessment of your instrument highlighting any / all issues with your instrument it its current state. 

I will write down you requests and our assessment and verify your budget, then provide you a quote for the repair. You will give a verbal or signed go ahead to repair the outstanding diagnosed issues. If other issues are uncovered upon cleaning your instrument,  I will call you right away to make you aware. We will not move forward with a repair without recorded verbal go ahead by yourself. 

Following your instrument repair, you can pickup your instrument at our shop where payment for parts and service can be paid in Cash, or Digital E-transfer.

You may be an avid player that needs your workhorse fixed by a trusted trained Luthier.

I are here to help.

You may have an old guitar under the bed, or in a closet, that just need a little love. A string, a tuner or broken neck.

I can do  string changes, set ups, intonation. We also regularly perform neck adjustments, refretting, and electronic repairs.

We repair all Brands of Electric guitar, Bass guitar and Acoustic guitar. 

For the person that loves their current instrument, but would like some structural, aesthetic or electronic upgrades we are happy to help you with these!

Sometimes customizing an instrument is more budget friendly than a Custom build. We can also do upgrades in stages to fit your budget and tastes.

Customization or neck shapes, Inlay, pickup routing and wiring and instrument balancing / weighting issues are a few of our favourite enhancements to perform.

Please ask, we love to help make your instruments play better!

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